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New Era of

Vehicle Safety

Keeping passengers safe has never been this easy.

Advanced Passenger Monitoring

Pontosense works with automakers to keep passengers safer with WISe integrations

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Multiple Functions. One Sensor.

Presence & Location Detection.

Effortlessly detects passenger occupancy and seating positions. WISe is the only wireless sensor on the market that can detect passengers in vehicles with 3 rows of seating, even in footwells. 


Intrusion Detection.

WISe can alert vehicle owners of potential break-ins or unwelcomed visitors, by detecting intrusive action as simple as an arm reaching through an open window.


Occupancy Classification.

WISe can classify up to 3 different types of occupants securely and reliably. It can differentiate between adults and children, enabling advanced features such as optimized airbag deployment, all with a single sensor.



Driver vital sign monitoring.

Detect and collect a driver's vitals data through a secure, wireless connection to enable proactive healthcare monitoring. Enhance decision-making with real-time evidence for the best outcomes.

Reliable by Design

WISe is designed to maintain impeccable accuracy,

unaffected by road conditions or passenger variations. 

"1000+ tests and 1.2 million+ scans unveiled WISe's superior performance, with 98% presence detection accuracy, even through bumpy roads or sharp turns"
Flexible integration

WISe is customized for each application and the specific vehicle architecture to ensure high performance.

Rear-view Mirror

A & B Pillars

Between Row 

2 & 3

Overhead Console

Between Row

1 & 2

Custom Location

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