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Car as a Caretaker

Unlocking new possibilities for the in-cabin experience

Advanced passenger monitoring

Pontosense works with automakers to improve passenger safety and comfort

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Real-time vitals monitoring unlocks in-cabin applications

Our core technology starts with understanding real-time vitals, and we use this to understand and improve all aspects of the in-cabin passenger experience

One sensor, endless applications

Enhanced in-cabin experience

With Pontosense’s in-cabin wireless sensor, passenger vitals data such as breathing rate, heart rate, and HRV are detected and collected through a secure and wireless connection for proactive safety monitoring and enhanced user experience.


Occupant classification 

Differentiating passengers such as adults and children allows for advanced features like optimized airbag deployment and child presence detection to ensure kids don’t get left behind​.


Presence & location

Detect passenger occupancy and seating positions in all rows and footwells to enable advanced features like seatbelt reminders without seat sensors, and reconfigurable cabins based on passenger location.


Intrusion detection

Alert vehicle owners of potential break-ins by detecting intrusive actions like an arm reaching through a window.

Reliable by design

Pontosense's AI-powered sensor is designed to maintain impeccable accuracy and is

unaffected by road conditions or passenger variations

Flexible integration

Customized for each application and vehicle to ensure high performance

Rear-view Mirror

A & B Pillars

Between Row 

2 & 3

Instrument Panel

Between Row
1 & 2

Custom Location

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