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Enhancing your
Everyday Life

WISe Life integrations empowers standard household technologies through presence detection and extended healthcare monitoring.

Your routine, elevated.

WISe makes homes smarter and safer by wirelessly monitoring healthcare metrics through standard household technologies – like Wi-Fi lights or speakers, without disrupting daily routines. Check in with your loved ones, any place, any time.

See how Pontosense interacts with your every day. 
Add mindfulness through interactivity

Presence Detection.

Detect when a person enters any room in the house and identify their location. WISe is capable of differentiating between multiple subjects in a single room.


Contactless Health Metrics.

Measure breathing and heart rates without the need for wearables. WISe Health enables continuous healthcare monitoring for a conscious lifestyle and peace of mind.

Boundless Possibilities.

Pontosense can develop unique sensing solutions to execute your visions and ideas.

Case Study
Next-Gen Bidet

Revolutionizing the future of personal healthcare with a top global manufacturer. 

Building the future of 
smart sanitation

WISe Bidet

The demand for smart appliances has been increasing significantly during these last few years, especially for smart toilets/bidets. However, current technologies cannot properly measure toilet water levels, with error margins up to 3cm.

This where WISe comes into play. Using our patented hardware and software, WISe measures water levels with an accuracy of 1.8mm. Not only that, additional presence & seating detection and vitals sensing features can be achieved – previously requiring multiple sensors.

The most flexible sensing solution 

Every WISe integration is engineered from square one to meet brand vision and objectives


Extended Healthcare 

IoT devices

Home Office

Wi-Fi Speakers

Smart Lighting

and much more

Meticulously crafted
for ultimate performance

Pontosense integrations undergo rigorous testing to ensure maximum accuracy and efficiency

"Pontosense achieved 98% presence detection accuracy inside the house even with changing lighting conditions and number of people …"

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