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Future of Home

Bringing the future of home safety to you today

Your routine, elevated

Pontosense makes homes smarter and safer by wirelessly monitoring healthcare metrics without disrupting daily routines. Check in with your loved ones, any place, any time.

See how Pontosense interacts with your every day 
Giving you peace of mind

Our sensor empowers you with the data to keep you and your loved ones safer and healthier

One sensor, endless applications

Contactless health monitoring

Measure breathing rate, heart rate, and HRV without the need for wearables.


Height and size classification

Understanding the size of users enables user classification, which can be used for individualized support and safety functions such as fall detection. 


Presence & location

Detect when a person enters a room in your home and identify their location without cameras or microphones, protecting your family's privacy.



Tracking and understanding movement enables automated home functions that can simplify daily tasks, save on energy, and save money.

Meticulously crafted
for ultimate performance

Pontosense integrations undergo rigorous testing to ensure maximum accuracy and efficiency

The most flexible sensing solution 

Engineered from square one to meet your brand vision and objectives


Extended Healthcare 

IoT devices

Home Office

Wi-Fi Speakers

Smart Lighting

and much more

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