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Reimagine your product with Pontosense's advanced sensor solution

Why Choose Pontosense

Being a full-stack tech company, Pontosense has in-house design, engineering, testing, deployment, and support for our wireless sensing solution

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We want to learn more about you and showcase how our technology can bring you to the next level


Define your key use cases and collaborate with our engineering team to design your perfect solution

Integration and Testing

We ensure the end-product performance exceeds your expectations and is ready for smooth deployment

"Pontosense will change the way we see the world" - VP Purchasing, Canoo
Applications and Use Cases
Explore some of our flexible applications in key industries:
Global Reach

 Pontosense's mission is to make everyday devices more powerful and accessible to people worldwide.


We have partnerships and team members across the globe.

Automotive Case Study

We are partnering with a leading automotive EV OEM to develop and deploy an in-cabin mmWave sensor

Smart Bidet Case Study

We are collaborating with a top global manufacturer to revolutionize the bidet

Build the future with Pontosense

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