Build the future of wireless sensing.

Reimagine your product, with Pontosense's cutting-edge wireless sensing suite.

One Sensor. Infinite Possibilities.
You and Pontosense.
Pontosense can respond to all your sensing needs.
We'll build a system from the ground up to ensure it achieves the desired functionalities and optimal results for your application.

New dimension of interactivity.

Pontosense WISe is a non-invasive sensor utilizing cutting-edge wireless sensitivity to detect heartbeat and breaths in a range.


Enhance and discover new capabilities.

Our tiny sensor was precisely engineered for seamless integrations, unlocking the human interactivity aspect of IoT for companies and their users.

Why choose Pontosense

Pontosense solutions offer a wide range of custom integrations, tailored for your needs


Full Sensing Suite

Advanced  hardware with near perfect accuracy, custom integration engineering and native management software 


Made for you 

Every integration is tailor-made for the partner's particular case to ensure best reliability

Safe & Secure

Safety by design

WISe is built with security in mind. WISe does not have cameras or mics, making it ideal for uses in more private settings

Build the future with Pontosense.

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