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Installation: Network Configuration

After affixing the sensor to the wall, you can now set up its network to enable real-time remote monitoring.

Wi-Fi Configuration

1. Enter configuration mode - Press and hold the sensor's button for 3 seconds until the LED slowly flashes green. The sensor will begin to broadcast its own hotspot.

2. Connect your device to the sensor's hotspot - Using a phone of computer, search and connect to the sensor's hotspot.

Note: The network name (SSID) is "SilverShield_XXXXXX_XXXXX"

3. Configure the sensor - On your browser, enter to go to the sensor configuration page where you will be prompted to:

  • Create a sensor name

  • Connect the sensor to an existing Wi-Fi network (separate from its hotspot)

  • Log the sensor's serial number

Once the above information is entered, the sensor will be connected to the internet and is ready for remote monitoring.

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