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Pontosense Yihong Qi named IEEE Fellow

Photo of Pontosense Co-Founder & CTO Yihong Qi
Pontosense Co-Founder & CTO Yihong Qi

Yihong Qi, co-founder & CTO of Pontosense, a Wireless Vital Sensing company, has been appointed to the prominent grade of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Fellow.

This prestigious honor has been bestowed upon Yihong for his extraordinary contribution to over-the-air testing of massive MIMO (multiple-inputs-multiple-outputs) and the development of over-the-air measurement.

In a society of over 400,000 members, the number of IEEE fellows is one-tenth a percent (0.1%) of all IEEE voting members.

Reaching IEEE fellowships requires demonstrating outstanding innovations in at least one of the 41 societies under the IEEE. His recent contributions encapsulate his career-long leadership in antenna, wireless communications, and system design. His measurement system and expertise validate the quality and performance of every Pontosense sensor produced.

At Pontosense, Yihong has recently put his understanding of systems, software, and AI to build the only in-market wireless sensor capable of medical-grade accuracy for a wide range of biometrics. In short, his invention can measure heart rate and breathing, predict emergencies, accident; even count how many cups of coffee someone has had, all without contact. Today, his invention saves lives and improves wellness globally.

Looking forward, Yihong envisions a world where machines understand human behavior. The elderly will live at home in privacy and safety. Cars will save the lives of children and pets unintentionally locked inside on hot summer days and will capture the vitals of drivers and passengers in distress.

“The world can be safer, more observant, devices and systems should protect and improve well-being at all times, without the intrusion of privacy,” Yihong Qi.

Yihong is an inventor with over 500 granted and pending patents and authored hundreds of research papers and several books. His leadership in telecommunications has birthed numerous companies, employing over 18,000 engineers globally. Anyone using a smartphone, a GPS, or a wireless device, has been using a piece of his invention. Today, with the IEEE fellowship distinction, Yihong is looking forward to his next technological challenge with Pontosense.

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