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Smart Bidet Case Study

Revolutionizing the bidet

Building the future of smart sanitation

Redefining the future of personal healthcare with a top global manufacturer

The Challenge

Our partner requested a multi-functional sensor solution integrated into a bidet that provides presence/fall detection and water level detection to enable smart home automation and remote care monitoring.

The Solution

This is where Pontosense comes to play – the team was able to design and deploy a patented solution that combines the functionality of water level detection and presence detection into one system.


Leveraging our low-noise sensor system, presence detection accuracy is near 100%, instilling confidence for homecare monitoring. Our innovative algorithms achieve mm-level accuracy within 1.8mm for water level detection, far surpassing the industry standard of 30mm.

Medical-grade accurate vitals

Understand human behaviour based on vitals metrics, empower smart comfort solutions or alert if emergency services are needed

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