Wireless Intelligent


Wireless is simply the way to go.

Cutting-edge innovation
is in our DNA.

Revolutionizing wireless sensing.

Distinguished by its experienced team, Pontosense's mission is to enable everyday devices with powerful and user-friendly smart home technology accessible to people around the world. WISe accurately measures heartbeats and breath rates without wearables. Integrations span many industries, empowering everyday products through health, presence, and biometrics measurement. WISe is ready for deployment today - let's change the world.

A completely new approach
to wireless sensing.

Pontosense was built with a clear goal in mind - to push the boundaries of wireless sensing further than they've ever been.

 We built Pontosense on the foundation of our founders' decades of expertise (and over 450 patents) in wireless communication technology, allowing us to be innovation-leaders across the industry.


Being a full-stack tech company, Pontosense has in-house design, engineering, testing, deployment and support for our wireless sensing suite.


One size does not fit all. 

Our proprietary hardware, and case-defined approach gives integrators the ability to go to market with new services and revenue streams faster. Plus, since the sensor is precision engineered for integration into ubiquitous smart devices, unlocking the new dimension of computer interactivity for companies and their users is becoming easier than ever. 

Humans behind 
the Next-Gen Tech

Our tech is leading the future of wireless sensing because

it is built on decades of research and industry experience,

and perfected by a hard-working team of experts.

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