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In-Cabin Sensing

Euro NCAP-compliant Child Presence Detection, medical-grade vital sign monitoring, and much more in one mmWave sensor.



Baby detected in car using child presense detection

Child Presence Detection

Pontosense is the only Euro NCAP 23/25/25+ compliant CPD solution currently in mass production, detecting children left behind within 5 secconds with 100% accuracy.

Car interior with smart sensing capbilities.

Smart Airbag Deployment

   Classifying passengers as         adults, children, and out-of-       position allows for advanced features like optimized airbag deployment.

Results form AI sensor of passengers respiratory rate and heart rate.

Vital Sign Monitoring

Monitor driver and passenger vital signs for a safer and more comfortable driving experience with insights into passenger motion sickness, drowsiness, and more.

Car seats with AI sensor intergration capabilites.

Seatbelt Reminders

Avoid false seatbelt alarms caused by objects on seats and provide reliable alerts without the need for pressure sensors.

AI sensor alerting and sensing there is presnse detected near vehicle.

Intrusion Detection

Alert vehicle owners of potential break-ins, detecting movement of up to 5 cm from the hood and 60cm from doors, such as an arm reaching into the vehicle.

Driver with vital signs being monitored

Driver Monitoring

Use HRV to monitor driver alertness, intoxication, drowsiness and more to unlock enhanced safety measures even on the road.

Prioritizing human-centered safety

What is Pontosense's mmWave Sensor?


Wireless Intelligence Sensing uses patented contactless mmWave RADAR technology to capture the tiniest micromovements, as small as 0.2 millimeters. This precision makes it ideal for heart beat and respiration rate monitoring with near-medical accuracy.

Flexible integrations

Sensors can be deployed in overhead console, headliner, or A/B pillars to achieve Euro NCAP CPD compliance regardless of vehicle format and options.

In-seat integration enables both Child Presence Detection and occupant vital sign monitoring


Case Study

Major European EV OEM

Pontosense In-Cabin Wireless Sensing is the only mmWave Euro NCAP-compliant solution in mass production today.

Key Highlights:

  • 100% CPD accuracy, even in footwells

  • Accurate in low-visibility conditions (low light, blankets)

  • One sensor for CPD detection for a whole vehicle

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