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Wireless is simply the way to go.

Introducing Pontosense
Multifunctional. Scalable. Unique.

WISe is a wireless sensor that can be leveraged to empower everyday technologies through its 4 key functions:

presence detection, occupancy classification, intrusion detection, and vitals sensing.


Measure it.

When there's movement within the sensor range, the movement source causes ripples through wireless signals emitted by the sensor. This interaction provides accurate presence and location detections.


Analyze it.

Proprietary software algorithms analyze wave interactions to extract valuable data from each movement. 


Interpret it.

WISe AI filters out environmental noise and disturbances

from collected data, driving useful insights and smarter decision-making.  

Brilliant design.
Superior technology.

See what puts Pontosense years ahead of the wireless sensing industry


Powerful Hardware

Proprietary WHEMS antennas allow WISe to measure even the smallest variations with minimal interference


Internal System Noise Reduction

Patented PCB layout minimizes external signal interference, producing reliable sensing data every time 


Suppressed Interference Pathways

Multi-path, mutual coupling



The signals emit roughly 1000 times less radiation than a standard cellphone

Endless possibilities.
One tiny sensor.

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Your questions, answered

How does the WISe sensor work?

WISe uses mmWave RADAR technology to create a point cloud of data.

Can the WISe sensor detect people wearing several layers of clothes?

Yes, it can even detect people under blankets!

How much power does WISe require?

WISe sensor needs approximately 1W to operate. 

Can the WISe sensor differentiate people and objects?

Yes! WISe is able to detect micromovements exclusive to living things.