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Wireless Intelligent

Learn how our industry-leading tech unlocks endless applications

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The future of human-centric technology

Pontosense's AI-powered sensor transforms everyday technologies to revolve around your users

How it Works

Wireless Intelligent Sensing drives the future of human-centric technology. ​By using RF sensing to capture the tiniest micromovements, we can understand how feelings are reflected in vitals, providing important health insights to users. 

The Basics of RF Sensing

Our RF sensor sends out mmWaves that are reflected when they interact with subjects in their path. Micromovements like breathing or heartbeats create different reflected signals that our AI algorithms analyze to derive critical biometrics.

Achieving best-in-class results

Surpassing limitations

Our patented I/O Line and Powerline filtering technology ensure that the signal has the lowest noise possible, enabling industry-leading accuracy for vital sign detection.


Harness AI for individualized care

Our AI algorithms filter out environmental noise and disturbances to generate a clear radar image for biometrics and size classification. By applying innovative ML strategies, we unlock personalized monitoring solutions.


Made for flexible integration

​Our patented antenna was designed to minimize manufacturing costs and sensor unit size. This allows for seamless, flexible integration and scalability.

Brilliant design, superior technology

See what puts Pontosense years ahead of the wireless sensing industry

Key Metrics

FDA medical-grade accuracy for vital sign detection

We are able to extract key biometrics like Heart Rate Variability (HRV) to understand how a person feels

~100% accuracy for presence detection

Wireless intelligent sensing detects and localizes people with near 100% accuracy,  unlocking the potential for new smart device innovations​

Founding team with over 500+ patents in wireless communications

At Pontosense we believe in continuous innovation. That’s why our technology team has developed 8+ breakthrough patents in mmWave technology

RF Sensor - mmWave

24GHz / 60GHz / 77 GHz

 Different applications require different bandwidths. Pontosense works with clients from the ground up for a customized solution​

1000x better Signal-to-Noise ratio

A high SNR is critical for high resolution and sensor performance. Pontosense’s cutting-edge technologies mean we achieve an SNR 1000x better than competitors ​

Low power requirements (1W)

 Using only 1W of power, our sensor can be easily integrated into traditional devices​

Unlocking limitless possibilities

Check out our current industries and use cases to learn how you can get started with Pontosense

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