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Wireless Intelligence Sensing  

A revolutionary mmWave RADAR sensor that opens the doors to limitless possibilities in mobility, AgeTech, and beyond.


Transforming human-machine interactions

Pontosense's AI-powered sensor transforms everyday technologies into vital-sensing solutions. As a full-stack company dedicated to innovation, our goal is to help you better understand health, behaviors and emotion by using medically-accurate, wireless technology.

Woman sleeping and her heart rate being monitored, baby in car and their presense and heart rate being monitored, dog in dog bed and their heart rate being monitored.

Wireless Intelligence Sensing uses patented contactless mmWave RADAR technology to capture the tiniest micromovements, as small as 0.2 millimeters, with near 100% accuracy.


This means we can monitor biometrics including heart rate, breathing rate, and heart rate variability (HRV) wirelessly with medical-grade accuracy in real time.


With advanced proprietary AI, Pontosense can put these vitals to work, connecting vitals to human emotions and behavior.

Achieving best-in-class results

Hear rate and respiratory rate being displayed on high tech car dash screen.

Our patented mmWave RADAR  and filtering technology ensures the lowest noise possible, enabling industry-leading accuracy for vital sign detection. 

Occupancy classification in a car. Classifying the presese of a baby, passenger and pet.

AI algorithms and proprietary ML strategies filter out environmental noise and disturbances to generate a clear radar image for biometrics and size classification.

Person in home sitting and working while thier vital signs are measured

Our patented WHEMS antenna was designed to minimize manufacturing costs and sensor unit size, allowing for seamless, flexible integration and scalability.

Innovation Examples


Medical-grade accuracy for vital sign detection, and ~100% presence detection

We are able to extract key metrics for presence and localization, or biometrics such as HRV to understand how a person feels, unlocking the potential for new mobility or AgeTech innovations


Founding team with 500+ patents in wireless communication

At Pontosense, we believe in continuous innovation. That's why our technology team has developed over 10 breakthrough patents in mmWave technology

High SNR

30 dB performance advantage (1000x) over industry leaders

A high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is critical for high resolution and sensor performance. Pontosense's cutting-edge technologies mean we achieve an SNR 1000x better than competitors

Low Power

Low power consumption

(1 W) for simple integration and energy efficiency

Using only 1 W of power, Pontosense's sensor can be easily integrated into traditional devices or spaces

Unlocking limitless possibilities

Woman walking through kitchen with her vital signs being measured form different AI sensing devices.


Silver Shield ambiently monitors

vitals for long-term remote monitoring, fall detection, unstable gait, and other health concerns

Car dash screen displaying the location of passengers on the car through wireless mmmWave sensing.


Reimagining driver and passenger safety by providing insights about child presence, motion sickness, driver intoxication, all in real time

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