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About the Product

Pontosense Silver Shield uses a 60 GHz mmWave RADAR with proprietary AI to monitor real-time falls, movement, and presence. Improve home safety without cameras or wearables, empowering proactive patient care to boost operational efficiencies and business resilience.


Now, with guided installation via Pontosense's intuitive Mobile App, monitoring patient falls and room occupancy is seamless, whether you're at the office or on the move.

The Sensor


Pontosense Mobile App


Get a high-level overview of resident statuses straight from the App dashboard

Screenshot 2024-03-21 142858.png

Proactive fall alerts with fall duration insights means residents get help sooner


Positional data provides insights into daily movement patterns and trends

LED Status

Green Flashing Light (Slow)

The sensor is in Network Configuration mode: the sensor is broadcasting a hotspot and awaiting configuration

Green Flashing Light (Fast)

The sensor has received Wi-Fi configuration and it trying to connect to the Wi-Fi.

Green Flashing Light (On)

The sensor is upgrading.

Blue Flashing Light (Slow)

The sensor has successfully connected to the Wi-Fi.

Blue Flashing Light (Fast)

The sensor has confirmed Wi-Fi access and is connecting to the cloud server.

Light Off

The sensor has been successfully connected to the cloud sensor through the internet.

Red Flashing Light

The sensor is in the process of factory resetting.

Product Specifications

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