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Silver Shield

Non-invasive fall, movement, and vital sign monitoring for seniors aging-in-place or at care homes.

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Improved safety without cameras or pendants

Elderly woman who has fallen and an alert triggered on cell phone app.



Respond to falls within seconds of their occurrence with real-time alerting to your smart device.

Cell phone showing all possible capabilities to recieve AI sensor alerts.

Auto-Log Activities

Automatically log resident status and wellbeing, reducing the need for manual checks and logging by care workers.

AI sensor in bathroom to detect falls or other health vitals.

Presence & Movement

Understand daily movement patterns to set up smart home automations, or be alerted in case of unauthorized presence.

Vital signs of a women being measured as she sleeps wirelessly.

Vital Sign Monitoring

Contactless health monitoring of heart rate, respiration rate, and HRV provide greater insights into underlying health.

Prioritizing human-centered safety

What is Pontosense's mmWave Sensor?

AI chipset desgined to sense vital signs and othe rhealth biometrics.

Wireless Intelligence Sensing uses patented contactless mmWave RADAR technology to capture the tiniest micromovements, as small as 0.2 millimeters. This precision makes it ideal for heart beat and respiration rate monitoring with near-medical accuracy.

Simple deployment and operation

Silver Shield has a discreet, small form factor and doesn't require batteries that would need to be changed.

One sensor per room is sufficient for high accuracy across all use cases.

Software updates are provided over-the-air, so no technicians are required after installation.​

Case Study

Major European Care Home

We've partnered with a 20,000-bed nursing home chain to outfit their rooms with Pontosense Silver Shield.

Now, they are detecting resident falls, automatically logging statuses, and getting a comprehensive picture of their wellbeing at a glance.

The impact has been a safer living environment for residents, reduced workload and staffing requirements, and greater peace of mind for families.

"Before, we had to check every room, every hour. Now, it's automatic." - Personal Support Worker

Caregiver with Patient

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