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Industry-leading accuracy. Unmatched flexibility.

Tailored, to your product.

 Changing the way we interact
with technology

Wireless Intelligent Sensing (WISe) measures human movement & vital signs without any wearables.

Industry-specific solutions can be engineered to empower existing technologies through contactless monitoring.

See life with Pontosense

One Sensor. Endless Applications.

Empower with presence.

Pontosense is a non-invasive sensor utilizing cutting-edge mmWave radar technology that can detect presence, classify users, and measure both heart rate and respiration rate


Discover new capabilities.

Precise engineering led to the creation of a tiny sensor, designed for seamless integrations. WISe helps companies unlock the human interactivity aspect between users and IoT networks.

Unmatched versatility by design

Pontosense solutions are meticulously tailored to achieve your brand's vision

Stay Competitive.

 Our full suite of innovative, value-adding features is curated to achieve competitive advantages


Near perfect accuracy with the ability to measure multiple people simultaneously  - all in one device. 

Advanced Sensor Technology

WISe is a breakthrough mmWave sensing technology that minimizes internal interference with existing nearby sensors and built to meet government regulations. 

Smart Features

Life-saving features come from accurate presence and occupancy detection, for tasks like optimizing airbag deployments between children and adults.

Smooth Deployments

WISe's small form factor is highly adaptable to fit within a wide range of size and spacing constraints.