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The Future of

AI-Powered human-sensing. 

Measures biometrics without wearables.

Revolutionizing technology.

 Changing the way we interact
with technology

Pontosense has created Wireless Intelligent Sensing - a contactless RF sensor that monitors biometrics including breathing rate, heart rate, and HRV for unlocking new human applications in technology

See life with Pontosense

One sensor, endless applications

Wirelessly measure vitals

Our solution uses RF sensing systems and AI to empower human-centric use cases for mobility and home applications.

Sitting in room with sensor

Enable human-centricity

Our coin-sized sensor is capable of detecting micro and macro movements, unlocking endless applications in every day life.

Competitive. Reliable. Tailored to your needs.

Experts in the Field

  • Decades of experience in wireless communication technology​

  • Designed by leading data & AI scientists​


Industry-leading Tech

  • Tested and validated with major industry partners

  • Patented sensor solution & innovative algorithms for low noise and high data resolution


Tailored to You

  • We work with you for your perfect solution

  • Small form factor can be integrated into any shape or component size​

Built by life-long engineers

Continuous innovation is the foundation of Pontosense.

With 500+ patents in wireless technology, Pontosense’s brilliant team of engineers and leading data & AI scientists are making human-centric technology a reality.

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