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Seniors socializing and laughing with a nurse in an assisted living home.
Couple in a car having a good time and smiling.

The Future of AI Sensing

Step into a world transformed by the power of AI-driven human sensing.


A revolutionary approach to biometric measurement without wearables.

Reshaping Human-Machine Interactions

Pontosense is enhancing global safety and peace of mind with Wireless Intelligence Sensing - a coin-sized contactless radio frequency (RF) sensor that monitors biometrics including breathing rate, heart rate, and heart rate variability (HRV) to unlock new human applications in everyday technology.

Woman walking through a smart home with sensors embedded into multiple devices.


Silver Shield ambiently monitors vitals for

long-term remote monitoring, fall detection, unstable gait, and other health concerns.

Dash screen in a car showcasing where people are detected using AI software.


Reimagining driver and passenger safety by providing insights about child presence, motion sickness, driver intoxication, all in real time.

One sensor, endless applications

Pontosense is a full-stack company with in-house design, engineering, testing, deployment, and support for our wireless sensing solution. We collaborate with a wide range of partners to design your perfect solution.

High tech car with dark graphics moving fast.

In-Cabin Safety

AI sensor embedded into a seat cushion of a car with wireless heart rate sensing and presense detection.

Driver Monitoring

Nurse helping a man walk in an assisted living home.

Assisted Living

Smart home on iPad with presense dection alert triggered by AI sensor.

Home Monitoring

Built by life-long engineers

Continuous innovation is the foundation of Pontosense. With 500+ patents in wireless technology, Pontosense's brilliant team of engineers and leading data & AI scientists are making human-centric technology a reality.

A sketch of graphing tools

Experts in the Field

Designed by leading data & AI scientists with decades of experience in wireless communications.

Sketch of a tech sensor radar.

Industry-Leading Tech

Patented sensor solution & proprietary AI/ML for low noise and high data resolution.

Sketch of mmmWave AI sensor

Tailored to You

We collaborate with you to create your perfect sensing solution that can be integrated to existing devices.

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